Monday, February 2, 2009

long blog written over who knows how long

Went to sleep around noon on Saturday and stayed in bed all day and night. Got up around 2:30am and went and laid on the couch and dozed for another hour or so then finally got up and started to work on a list.

Ate a yogurt around 7:30am which was the first thing i'd eaten in at least 24 hours. I did not and do not really even feel hungry. I do feel depressed and achey and tired.

Ate a couple small things throughout the day but not really tasted good or was really enjoyable even tho it was stuff I usually do enjoy such as a 100 calorie pack of chocolate chip cookies. I guess I'm not worth enjoying anything anyways so that's ok.

Had a budget gourmet type of tv dinner. Swiffered (dry and wet) most of the livingroom in small sections throughout the day. Only way I seem to get anything done is in really small parts at a time.
I finished reading "Multiple Blessings" today.

Wrote the above several days ago. Later that night had a terrible thunder/lightning/hail storm that knocked out the electricity for over 4 hours. I sat on the couch with my ipod and a flashlight and some books. Took more ativan than usual because I totally do not deal well with the dark. The power went out right around midnight. Just when I was going to finish adding new sweeps and start on daily sweeps. I was so frustrated.


It is now Saturday morning. Later today me and mom are supposed to go to the movies but I don't know what we are going to see.

Mom and I saw Paul Bardt: Mall Cop. It was pretty funny. Written by Kevin James. Produced by Adamn Sandler. Was better than either of us expected. We went to the new Bob's Big Boy resturant before seeing the movie. We had a good time.

Pain got really bad though throughout the night. Lortab didn't even really help. Eventually slept and woke up in less pain but have felt exhausted all the time.


It's now monday afternoon and I'm doing a mad rush cleaning the apartment before I go pay rent. I found tons of little tiny whiteish bugs crawling all over my counter and on one of the food cabinet shelves. I took everything out of the cabinet and checked all of the food stuff and there was no bugs anywhere on or in any of it that I could find. They were just on the shelf and counter. Online I discovered that they MAY be termites but I can't really tell for sure and will need to talk to landlord about it. I want to get my place clean tho in case they come over.

Called landlord. They are coming over wednesday to spray. She said to just give them the rent check then. Going to continue working on list for as long as I can get myself to stick to it and try to get this place really clean. I have a headache that keeps getting worse. Took some excedrin a bit ago.



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