Thursday, January 10, 2008

3:35am and a list

I'm listening to my ipod on my ihome and following a list. I'm trying to do each thing on the list for the length of one song. The goal is to do the things I NEED to do for AT LEAST the length of a song (things like cleaning) and the things I don't really need to do for no more than the length of a song (such as myspace and email).

I slept til about 4:20 or so at least so I have been up for about 11.5 hours now. Lately thats a long time for me. I am feeling stressed because my apartment is a mess and I've got until the 16th (it's now the less than 6 days) to get it clean because Housing Authority will be inspecting it.

The list I'm using:

1. journal
2. floor/bed/closet
3. music
4. ols
5. email
6. classicheartland/bleuteam/
7. laundry
8. me
9. kitchen
10. livingroom/bathroom/hallway
11. blog
12. winzy/blingo
13. desk/tv/dresser/nightstand
14. read
15. myspace/e2
16. pictures
17. dishes
18. journals/magazines
19. backup
20. mail/lists/school

1. paper notebook
3. mostly putting music on computer so I can put it on my ipod later
6. sweeps/emails I primarily use for sweeps
8. food/drink/potty etc
12. and (search engines that give you a chance to win a prize with every search)
14. Currently reading "Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water" by Brian Luke Seaward, PH.D.
15. e2 is (spending most of this time on tho)
16. sometimes scaning pictures, other times uploading pictures, sometimes finding pics online to use in myspace comments etc.
18. I have a journal that me and Marcie write back and forth in (which I need to find) and a journal I write back and forth in with Harmony. Magazines is cutting out pictures and words to paste into journals and whatever else from old magazines that pile up in my place.
19. Saving all the files on my computer that I don't want to lose either on a cd or on the web because I'm going to have to reinstal windows soon and will lose everything on my computer.

I think everything else is pretty easy to figure out. If theres anything anybody is unsure of theres a little comment button...

Well I obviously spent waaaay too much time doing this (4 or 5 songs) so it's time to move on.



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