Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunday and monday

On sunday I got up early but not as early as I'd planned. I had set my alarm but forgot to turn it on so I didn't get up til mom called. The 6 of us went to Disneyland. Grandma got mad at us for not coming home until like 11pm. She wanted us home by dark. I lost my annual pass. We got good seats for the fireworks. They cancelled the fireworks due to mild winds.

On monday I slept. I was supposed to leave at 9am to get to the clinic. Slept right through the alarm. Mom called. I went back to sleep. Eventually it was too late to go. I had a dentist appointment at 3pm but according to the dentist it was at 2:30 but I know it was supposed to be at 3pm because when I'd made the appointment I told them I could not get there until at least 3pm. The dentist appointment was because my bridge came out and this time broke the took that held it in into pieces. That bridge cannot be put back in now. Mom called. I fell back asleep. Dentist called moms house since I wasn't there at 2:30. Mom called me, mad. I called the dentist. By then it was too late to go. They can't get me in until a week from tuesday.

Monday night I talked to Topaz and she called me. She helped me clean my room by keeping me moving and telling her what I was doing and giving me suggestions. I got quite a bit done but there is still more to do. Mom is coming in the morning while I am at the clinic. I have to leave for the clinic at 9:00am. I have IOP until 2pm. Then I have to get my meds. Then I have to go to living well group, which I will be late for because of IOP. That ends at 3:30 so I should be home by 4pm. When I get home I'll need to go get my mail and send out my car insurance bill. I have already written the check.

On wednesday housing authority is coming to inspect my apartment. Not sure what time. They gave me a large window they will come sometime during.

I have tried to be not negative in this post but I doubt I've succeeded. I'm sorry.



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