Monday, July 16, 2007

Jeans and a bra

Today I spent the day with my mom and the twins at the Ontario Mills Mall. At the JC Penny outlet store I bought myself a pair of jeans and a bra and my total for both was only about $15. I would have bought more but couldn't find anything else in my size. Mom bought us lunch when we got to the mall. I had a fish sandwhich and onion rings from Burger King. She bought the twins about twenty pieces of clothing a piece for them to start school with. It was a LONG day. I felt very irritable. The twins got impatient. They got tired of waiting for each other to try on clothes. On our way out of the mall we went to the Build A Bear Workshop. Hannah got a vanilla colored bear with an Aurora dress and Daniel got a brown colored bear with a Buzz Lightyear outfit. They were very happy.

I still feel really depressed. I'm thirsty and hungry all the time. I know the thirst is from the lithium. I feel cranky. I feel tired. I don't want to sleep. I can't concentrate on my book. I can't focus on doing a write-up for e2. I hate myself and I want to die.



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