Saturday, July 21, 2007

yesterday and today

It was a long day yesterday. It started with a 10:15am neurologist appointment. He is sending me to physical therapy. I didn’t like physical therapy last time. I dropped my car off at Toyopros. Mom treated me and Dillon to lunch at Millie’s. I had pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Got syrup all over my shirt. Went to Costco. Spent $74.

Today I got my car back. It needed 4 tires, oil, and the sideview mirror fixed. Cost me over $300. Other than that I did nothing today. Depressed. I did manage to read some today tho. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, the seventh and last harry potter book came out at midnight. As soon as I finish Exuberance I’m going to go to wal-mart and buy it. I want to hurry up and finish this book so I can read that one.

Its almost six am and I’m not even sleepy. But I’m getting stuff accomplished. Not a lot but a little is better than usual.



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