Wednesday, July 18, 2007

yet another depressed and urgy night

I cut a little bit a few hours ago. It wasn't enough and I desperately want to cut more. I went to livingwell group but was unable to focus onthe presentation and activities. My head is such a mess. I can't concentrate onanything. I'm never going to finish the book I'm reading. I'llnever be able to make it through the semester like this.I hope the lithium helpssoon. I pray for death and I pray very hard for the world to end.


EcleCTic said...

well ,now this aint sumthin u got to be thinking it is more like loosing the battle without even getting a feel of it ......... just thinking of waht it would be like and u give up ....... want to end ....... switch off the life ........
so then anyways u lose dear


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