Wednesday, July 25, 2007

missed livingwell

I stayed up all night again. The landlord came over t his morning to try to make the toilet not run so I didnt get to go to bed until after 10am. I didnt go to livingwell group. I slept all day. I went to grandma's this evening and got spaghetti. Kylee's summer show was tonight, tommomrrow, and thursday. Dillon went tonight. Rick and Deanna went tonight (my father and his wife). Tomorrow night Marcie, Sergio, Brianna, and possibly John and Danielle are going. I'm going tomorrowfor sure and possibly thursday as well. tomorrow i have to go to the clinic. have to go to clubhouse, get bloodwork done, get my meds. friday me and dillon are going to disneyland. i went to the 99cent store today. i bought blades while i was there. they suck.



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