Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Livingwell group

Today I made it to the clinic. I got there in time for Livingwell group. We had a check in group today. I talked about how hard of a time I've been having waking up in time. They suggested B vitamins.

After group I went to mom's house since I haven't talked to any of them since sunday because my phone is broken. I talked to Ricardo before I left the clinic. I have to mail in my juror summons in. He got the doctor to sign it for me so I don't have to do jury duty. He said he'd try to help me financially due to the hardship of having to pay $50 for my phone replacement. I got $60 out of the ATM so I can pay cash for my phone when I go tomorrow to Verizon after clubhouse. Then I got to go to mom's house until four pm when I have to go to the school and get help from Shirley on the two labs I missed.

I'm dreading tomorrow.



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