Thursday, November 15, 2007

peppermint tea.

I'm nauseated again tonight. I'm drinking peppermint tea. I took vicodin and soma tonight cuz my head and back were hurting. I then drank three or four cups of green tea. This is my second cup of peppermint tea. I need to buy a container of peppermint candies. They help better than the ttea for me.

It's almost 1am. Today I have to be up by like nooon. I have a dentist appointment in Glendora at 1pm to have my bridge put back in. Then I need to go down to Citrus College and try to get help registering because the class I need I can't register for because I've attempted it before. I need to go by grandma's house too. I got a couple things I need to take them. Then if I'm not too tired I'll go grocery shopping.



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