Sunday, December 9, 2007

another week

Another week has come and gone. I've been cold and stressed and clinching my teeth. I've had pretty much a constant headache for a while now. Dawggy's helping me follow a list. Sweeps aren't on the list. It's mostly homework, with a little bit of cleaning thrown in. Lee (my landlord) came and fixed my heater today. Now when I take a shower it won't be AS cold. It's sunday night, I've got IOP in the morning, then mom's house, then school at 7pm. Psychology of religion. I'm pretty sure we have a test. Hopefully I'll get the dishes done tonight and will fix myself a lunch to take with me, or at least fix a drink to take with me. Maybe some popcorn.

I had soup for dinner tonight. That was the first thing I'd eaten today. Since then I've ate a bit of blueberry cereal. I slept most of the day. I'm such a lazy slob. I deserve to be miserable. I deserve punishment.



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