Saturday, December 22, 2007

the semester is OVER!

I took my cataloging final this morning. I got an 86 on it. In the class I got 971 points in the class. The teacher says that there were 1000 points possible but the website says 1050. Either way I should get an A on my transcripts for this class. In psychology I'll probably get a B. I don't know when the grades will be posted though.

I've GOT to get my Christmas presents all wrapped tonight and tomorrow because the next day is Christmas eve and I'll be gone all day. I have to be at the clinic from 9:30-2pm for IOP then I meet with my therapist after that, then Ricardo wants to talk to me. So I wont get home until at least 4pm. Then I've got to go to Johns that night, and I won't get home from there until like 2 or so. Then I'll probably stay up the rest of the night and then go over to mom's house between nine and nine thirty in the morning before the twins get home from their dad's house. Then Christmas is going to be a LONG day because I'll be tired as hell. We wont get to opening presents until about a quarter after ten. By the time we get everything opened and all the paper cleaned up and all the twins toys out of the packages and working it'll be afternoon. Then Marcie and her mom may come over to exchange presents. As soon as they leave I'm going home and going to bed that afternoon.



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