Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

It was a good one this year. Christmas eve day I had to go to the clinic. I was supposed to be there at 9:30am but I didn't get there until about noon. They let us out about 15 minutes early so I got my meds and went to the lobby to wait for my therapist to call me in. While I was waiting Ricardo called me in and asked me about my money situation because I spent too much on Christmas presents and had trouble paying my car insurance bill but I borrowed some money and will be able to pay it back next month with the clinic's help. After that I saw Dr. Bellman. The session was short because I couldn't think of anything to talk about because I was thinking about that night and all the stuff I had to do and of course the next day. I was in a pretty good mood. When I left there I ran by Wal-mart and got a $10 gift card to take to the party as a white elephant gift. John called me while I was looking for a parking spot at wal-mart and told me to call him when I got home because he was going to come pick me up. So I did. Then I straightened up a bit and ate a quasidilla (how the heck do you spell the word for cheese taco?). John picked me up a short while later and we went to his house and waited for everyone else to arrive. It was about 3:15. Shortly after that we started tasting the jello shots. They had two different kinds. Over the course of about 8 hours I had a few of each. I also had a couple peppermint martinees. I did not get drunk tho, unlike John.

Before everyone else got there we played Wii sports with John's nephew, Eddie. That was fun. We each took the sports fitness test. You play bowling, tennis, and baseball and then it gives you your Wii fitness age from 20-80 years old, 20 being the best. I had never played a Wii before and am also very bad at sports stuff so my age, of course, was 80. Oh well, it was fun anyways.

Eventually everyone else arrived. John got so drunk he started puking. He got sick a couple times in the bathroom before being sat on the couch with a blanket over him. He got sick all over himself and was taken outside to get some fresh air. They gave him some bread because he had refused to eat much of his dinner. That did not stay down. Eventually he was carried back inside and passed out on the couch for the rest of the night. Before that Marcie had come over for a short while. She didn't stay for white elephant or gift exchange but she did bring a few gifts. She didn't bring mine and I didn't bring hers because we are going to exchange gifts when her and her mom come over to my moms house so we can all exchange gifts.

At John's house I got a diary from Emma. I got a Starbucks gift card from Linda (Danielle's mom). John and Danielle got me a game called Last Word. They also got me 2 shirts. One is a long sleeve purple tshirt. The other is a mint green sweater with a hood. Both are very nice. They spent quite a bit on me because they also got me my headphones I like. They have a like 14 FOOT cord and volume control on the cord. They got me the warrenty too. For the white elephant game Sergio and Brianna brought a whip and nipple clips. Nobody wanted them. I ended up with them for a short while but on my turn I stole the wal-mart card from Emma. Fortunatly Brianna traded whatever it was her and Sergio ended up with with Emma at the end so she didn't get stuck with the nipple clips. Sergio and Bri will probably use them. Emma NEVER would. I was so relieved to get rid of those damn things. They're scary.

By one am Danielle (who had only a taste of alcohol, not even an entire drink, and that was early in the evening) took me home. When I got home I got online and watched tv while I poked around on the computer. I talked to nanny a while. Harmony had said she would probably be online but she wasn't so that was a bit disappointing but hopefully she actually got some sleep. Eventually I was really cold so I got under the blankets and watched tv. I set my alarm for 6am and tried to sleep. I think I slept about half an hour or so. At about five am Harmony called me to wish me a Merry Christmas. It was good to hear from her. Shortly after that I got up and ate an orange. Then I ate some toast. Then I started to get ready to go. When I brushed my teeth I gagged and threw up. That was not fun. I don't think it was from the alcohol much because it happens occassionally even without having drank.

I got to my family's home around 7am. Kylee and Dillon were still asleep and the twins were not home yet. I chatted with mom and grandma and ate some malt balls. Eventually Dillon got up and mom had me wake Kylee up. The twins were supposed to be home at 9:30am. The twins were probably driving Mando nuts to come home because he got them home at 9:10am. The twins were wearing their dressy Christmas clothes. She in a pretty red dress and he in some nice pants and a button up shirt under a nice red sweater. They were so thrilled by the presents that they didn't want to change. Mom got Hannah changed into her more comfortable Christmas clothes but Daniel would have no part of it. One of the first things they saw was the ball I got them that have a handle and you sit on them and bounce. They are green and have spongebob on them. Daniel loved his. They each got a small reclyner chair with a teddy bear that tells a four minute story sitting in them. They loved that too. Daniel could not wait to tear open the presents but mom said to wait until she got the video camera going. We did our stockeings first. We always do. I got mint milano cookies (my favorite) and some candy in mine. So did Kylee and Dillon. The twins got some candy and a couple small toys in theirs. Then we opened presents. That took a long time. There were tons of things to open. Everything the twins opened they wanted to play with RIGHT THEN. Eventually we got everything opened.

Me and Kylee each got an 80GB ipod. Dillon got a Wii and some games and accesories to go with it. Dillon also got a digital camera. Me and Kylee already had ones. The twins got kid digital cameras. They do everything the regular ones do plus they have a couple little games on them and are kid tough. It'll be hard to break those things. Kylee, Dillon, and myself all got iHomes, which are docking stations for our iPods. They are speakers, am/fm radio, and alarm clock. It's cool. I'm listening to my iPod on it now. It has a remote but I'm not sure where that is right now. My room is a big mess right now. In a little while I will start cleaning it.

All seven of us got new pillows. They are Joe Boxer brand. They seem like good ones. We all needed them. What else did we get? Quite a bit of stuff. The twins got a lot of toys. Kylee got a guitar hero game for her PS2 and 2 guitars to go with it. I got a new jacket. It's a sweatjacket that is black and says Grumpy across it with a picture of Grumpy from the seven drawfs on it. I like it a lot. I got a nice sweater too. It's one of those ones that looks like it's got a white shirt underneath. It's kinda big on me but that's okay. I got 2 packages of panities. It'll be about a week before I wear any of them tho, I started my damn period today. (Like you needed to know that, right? TMI? Oh well.) I got a black pair of jeans and a blue pair. They are size 20. I wish I wore a smaller size but all my pants that fit me are 20's and 22's. I got a 304 capacity CD/DVD organizer book. It don't hold the cases but mom couldn't find anything that did. Oh well. I got a container of monitor wipes. Dawggy suggested I ask for those. I wouldn't have thought to ask for them. They are good for the tv screen as well as my laptop screen. I haven't used it on the laptop yet cuz I'm pretty sure you're supposed to use them when the computer is off but it worked good on my tv. I didn't realize how filthy it was. I also got several pairs of cute socks. I got a U2 live concert DVD. I can't wait to get my DVD player and stuff hooked up so I can watch it and the Harry Potter DVD's I got last Christmas. I got a powersurge protector bar and an adapter for my tv so now I just need to find someone that can help me hook them up because I have no idea where to start. Kylee got me a stapler and Dillon got me the DVD game of Are You Smarter than a Fifth grader, yet another thing I'm looking forward to doing once I have my dvd player hooked up. I got another clock radio. So now I've got three things to wake me up. Hopefully I won't have so much trouble getting up now.

I got grandma some Oil of Olay lotion cuz she's always liked olay products. I also got her a gift basket of cucumber melon smelling soaps and lotions and such. It's something I would like. I got Dillon and Kylee each a gift card for I also got Kylee some pjs and gave her the gift card for Wal-mart. I gave Dillon an Angels and Airwaves poster and half a dozen little Angels and Airwaves pins. I gave the twins those balls you bounce on and each a little fuzzy ball with a face that when dropped goes crazy, vibrating, rolling, and making noise, talking and singing. They are very amusing to me. The twins got a kick out of them too. I got mom a watch, a camera, and some perfume. Unfortunatly the perfume bottle broke in the package before she could open it. I'd won it in a contest so it wasn't an expensive loss. I told her I'd buy her some perfume for her birthday, which is in March.

I spent the day with my family and we had a good time. I did take a nap there for a while tho. I then got up and helped the twins figure out lots of their new toys. Shortly after dark I went home. Took another nap. Got up and made ramen and watched tv a while then started playing with my iPod and iHome. Presents or no presents it was a good holiday. The presents were great too.

Merry Christmas all. Hope yours was a great as mine.



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