Friday, December 21, 2007

cans and bottles

Today I went to the clinic. I got there about 11am. Ricardo had called me yesterday and told me to come today. He gave me a box of food. Elaine (a friend from clubhouse) gave me a pretty little crossstitched pillowcase she made. Jennifer (one of the girls that run IOP) gave me a bathroom set.

After the clinic I went to grandmas house. I ate sketti. I talked to grandma. I went to the 99cent store. I came back to grandmas. Waited for Kylee to get home and finish eating. Then I took Kylee to my apartment and we filled my car completely...couldnt see out the back window and the trunk was full...of empty cans and bottles. I got a little over fifty five dollars for all of that.

Then I took Kylee home and waited for my mom to get back from buying stocking stuffers. Then I talked to mom a little and she helped me take the box of food (minus the few things that I wouldnt eat) to my car and the sketti sauce grandma gave me and a couple other odds and ends I was taking home with me (mail and a thing or two i'd left over there). Then I went home and put some of my food away, and talked to my friends online and ate two more bowls of spaghetti and got it all over me.



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