Thursday, October 8, 2009

day 2

Today has been a very long day. I left the house at like seven am and didn't get home until nine pm. Took the twins to school. then went bcack to grandma's. then picked kylee up from the college. then took Dillon to the college and kylee to the dmv with a stop before that for her to run into her girlfriend's house to get something. then kylee failed the written test twice even tho she'd passed it before but let her permit expire. Then back to grandma's. Mom got off work and picked up the twins and then I stayed with them while she went to the grocery store. Eventually mom fed the twins dinner and then sat down with them to do homework. Kylee actually came home which means she probably wants money. She mentioned going to disneyland after class tomorrow. I waited around for dillon to get done so i could go pick him up so mom could get the twins to bed so she could get some sleep. She works six days a week and has to get up at like 4am every day.

i'm exhausted and have a headache. grandma and mom have started in on me again about coloring my hair and said they will only help me with my bills if i let them dye my hair. i get a migraine from the hair color tho and would rather give up food or heat or somehting than deal with any extra pain. they say its just an excuse but they arent the ones hurting.

housing authority called me back to tell me that what i sent from the gas company isn't good enough so i had to call the landlord. the landlord is coming out tomorrow afternoon. i have to take the kids to school in the morning. my apartment is kinda a mess. my sink is full of dirty dishes but i'm just too damn tired to do anything productive.

i asked mom to pick me up a block of cheese at the grocdry store and she did. grandma gave me some butter and some milk and some frozen juices. i have to avoid grocery shopping for the month because i simply cannot afford to go grocery shopping. i hate being broke all the time. i'm tired. i'm broke. i'm a loser.



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