Sunday, October 11, 2009

day 5

Today is a pretty boring day. I plugged my new vacuum in but it has to charge for 16 hours before it's ready so it won't be ready until after dawn. I'm starting to wonder what to have for dinner. I'm working on a list and watching tv.

Kylee called. She ran into John and Danielle earlier today and John asked her about the Jo Dee Mesina concert that will be at Citrus next monnth. Kylee will be working consessions for that show. I found the info online and emailed it to Danielle and then called Danielle to tell her. Danielle said she was just about to call me to invite me to karaoke. I decided not to go though. I feel bad about always letting them pay for stuff for me. They just paid for my pizza last night and also gave me a new purse. I don't have any money so I can't buy a soda and she offered to buy me one but I always feel bad for taking anything from anyone. I don't feel I deserve it. I cry alot when I'm alone cuz i feel like shit for always needing and not being able to give much of anything. I talked to Marcie briefly on the phone too before I called Danielle to tell her about the show next thursday and friday that Kylee is invovled in at Citrus. A Night of Music from film. It's a show the school does every year and Marcie was in it before with the orchastra. We'll probably go thursday night tho i'm not sure where i'll get the $10 for the ticket.

I'm itchy always again. It got a little better for a while but it's getting worse again. My head and neck have been the itchiest lately but I itch all over.



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