Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 4

I'm so tired. I got up by one pm and then took Dillon driving late in the afternoon. I think it was about 5pm by the time I finally got over there and we left. We started out in the college parking lot so he could get used to my car and then drove for an hour or so around town. He drove about twenty six miles or so. Then I went over to Danielle's house. We had roundtabble pizza and then watched some show called eastwitch or something like that. It was kinda dumb. then we went to starbucks and I used my gift card I still had to get a carmel apple cider. We then went and played wii play.

I got three new things today. John and Danielle gave me a new purse! It's sorta a Christmas present but we're not exchanging presents this year so it's a "we felt sorry for you" present. It's a black genuine leather backpack purse that even has a pocket for my water bottle and a pocket for my phone. They bought it at the LA county fair.

At my mom's house were two package waiting for me. Sonya sent me a box with three of the Twilight books in it. A paperback copy of New Moon and hardcover copies of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I love those books. The Hoover wet/dry handvac I ordered with my Nielson Homescan points also arrived.

My back is hurting and I'm always tired.



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