Tuesday, October 13, 2009

day 7

Mom came by when she got off work at ten am to try to get my ceiling light on but had no more luck with it than I have. I will probably have to call my landlords about the stupid thing. I'm tired but I need to be productive and clean and stuff so I didn't go back to sleep. I got up and put on socks and a sweatshirt and eventually started on my list after wasting time on facebook.

I feel depressed. I feel tired.

I cut my legs. Wasn't enough but afraid to do more because I have to go to the clinic tomorrow and don't want to chance them not letting me go home. I'm just going to get something signed or something to get me out of jury duty. I've been excused from jury duty before by my psychiatrist there. I would not be a good juror. I don't have the attention span or the ability to sit still and wouldn't be able to make sense of the evidence or make a decision if a person was guilty or not "without reasonable doubt".



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