Wednesday, May 12, 2004

2 more goals reached!

I finished the chapter 12 assignments for library class AND the bibliography.
I will print them at school so i can save on my own ink.
I think those are the very last homework assignments that have to be turned in for any of the classes this semester at all.

Why do I feel so shitty? I should be thrilled. In a way I am, but then well. I don't know. Maybe it's at least partially fear, becuasse i've promised to try to get meds and therapy and a better living semester when the semester is over and i simply dont know how.

I feel dumb, hopeless, useless, crappy. I did the assignments, but I didnt do a very good job, but I tried.

I just want to be good enough.


She-Wolf said...

Stephie here and I just wanted to say hullo, and that you are not stupid. All right. *HUG*


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