Monday, May 31, 2004

Current List::

The list I'm following right now has a Computer/Not Computer/E2 pattern.

1. music
Putting songs into a spreadsheet.

2. floor
Cleaning my room. Picking up all the stuff that is piled on the floor and putting them away.

3. E2Vote/Search
Each round of the list I use at least one of my votes. As of writing this I have 17 votes left.

4. E:
E: is the part of my computer where most of my files are saved. It is a mess. Nothing is organized. Much of what is on there is no longer needed. So each round of the list I move or delete at least one file.

5. shelves
More cleaning my room. MY bookshelves are just piled with stuff. Not organized. Stuff falling all over. So I'm trying to sort through it and make it look acceptable.

6. Oh, the Places you’ll go!
Yes, it is the Dr. Suess book. I am writing a node about it. Having a bit of fun with it.

7. Gmail
This is my primary email account now. Gotta love google, eh?

8. magazines
I have a bunch of magazines that I am reading and cutting up.

9. Autobiographical memories
A node based on my notes and textbook from Psychology 101.

10. blogger
Um...This! Duh!

11. Me
This can be many things. Going to the kitchen for food, going potty, vegging, chatting, brushing hair. Just about anything really.

12. /msgs
Another e2 thing. Trying to clear the old ones. Have over 500 and trying to clean them out little by little.

And then when I get to the end I'll add a 13....which following this pattern would be something on the computer but not e2.



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