Monday, May 24, 2004

I slept a lot again today. Too much. And for some reason I am shaky and weak. I woke up sometime after nine or ten pm dont rememeber which but it was about an hour and a half after telling <a href=>Samuel</a> I would take a half hour nap and be back. As I often am when I wake up, I was thristy, so I started to get up to go to the kitchen but my legs gave out on me and I collapsed to the floor. I sat there a moment, stunned. Then I pulled myself up onto the bed. I then tried to stand again, this time I fell back onto the bed. On a third try I managed not to fall and shakily made it to the kitchen, poored myself some juice and came back to sit down. I feel very weak and shaky still, several hours later. I was afraid coming back from the kitchen that I would fall again and spill my dark red Mountain Berry juice. Grandma would NOT have been happy with me for that. A few minutes ago I finally ventured back up, shakily. I went to the bathroom and to the kitchen and came back. I do not understand <i>why</i> I am like this and that frightens me.



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