Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Found some msg boards

I was messing around on google yesterday and I looked up self injury images. From that search I came across a website (selfharm.org)that has message boards for self-harmers. I registered and have now posted over 40 messages and read even more than that. I've spent a lot of time on there tonight to help distract me from this intense urge to cut myself. I don't know why I want to cut myself so cutting myself is really stupid.

I managed to finish a small paragraph of my [West Virginia] write-up. Fruan gave me extra votes when he found out I was having a bad night. He's sweet. I just wish he wasn't so horny all the time. He sent me a fairly recent picture of himself tonight. I'd seen a couple pictures of him from a year or two ago a long time ago. He's got long hair and a thick beard. He's not bad looking but I think he'd look better with a good shave.

It's 3:30am. I should go to bed soon but in the mood I'm in I'm afraid I'll have nightmares so I'm procrastinating going to bed. In about I don't know, ten hours or so I have a few calls to make. I need to call the phone company about the static on the line which keeps causing my internet connection to fizzle out. I need to call the neurologist office and confirm that I have an appointment with them on friday. I need to call my mom and see if she wants to go with me to the neurologist or if I should take Marcie. Marcie wants to go. The other phone call I want to get made is to the magazine company to change the magazines I'm getting because I got a letter from them.

I'm watching Conan O'Brian even though I really don't like him. There just isn't anything else on tv at this time of the night/morning/wee hours of the day. I think it's almost over though. I should look at tvguide.com and see what's on at 4am.



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