Thursday, September 1, 2005

safe music

I am listening to one of my “safe” cds.  The ones full of songs that make us feel better.  The song that’s on now is “She talks to angels” by the Black Crows.  I’m also talking to Fruan.  He gave me some extra votes (for e2) and that’s helping me feel a bit productive.  I would like to work on a write-up (mostly [West Virginia]) but just ain’t getting anywhere with it.  I just can’t seem to focus well enough.  The next song just came on.  It’s Darren Hayes “Darkness”.  His voice always makes me feel better.  I cut some earlier today, just 10 small cuts that barely bled.  I want to cut more but am trying real hard not to.  “Ego” is playing now.  

I have been contemplating Letting go of you egoThought I'd let you knowYou're getting oldIt was so irritating saving faceWhen I fell from graceThought you'd won a raceWithout a traceBut you stayedBut you remainedBut you.. It's always about youI have been quietly edging away To keep the flames at bayMake this puppy stayTo limit my use of personal Pro-nouns are the death of meSee I just said meYou're an endless seeThe vanity is all for you babeFor you babe For you..It's always about youI have been silently taking offenseAnd at great expenseAs my feeling dentI'm licking my scratchesIt serves no purposeDoesn't gratifyAnd you're dissatisfiedAnd though you're belly's full There's always more room for you babeFor you babeFor you..It's always about youNo.. no.. don't.. don't.. oh..

I’ve been posting a lot of lyrics lately.  I post songs that touch me somehow, that i relate to.  



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