Saturday, September 10, 2005

good day

Had a good day today.  This morning I got up, went to the clinic, talked to Grace briefly, then went bowling with Clubhouse.  I bowled a 102 (with bumpers!).  Grace said that she was going to go shopping for me and get me a chair.  She also said that the doctor would squeeze me in on Monday.  Monday’s going to be a long day.  
After bowling one game I left and headed to my moms house.  She wasn’t there when I got there so I called grandma to see if she knew where she was.  Grandma didn’t know.  It wasn’t too long before mom, Mando, and the twins got back.  Mom took me to the neurologist.  It was in a building I’ve been to before.  

Well I started writing this last night and got side track.  The neurologist gave me a pain medicine for arthritis and an appointment for a month from now.  He said he was going to try to get an MRI approved.  
After the doctors appointment we went back to my moms house, where my car was.  I didn’t stay very long.  I went to the pharmacy and got the Mobic the doctor prescribed for me.  I then went home and talked to Harmony.  
Darren Hayes website has/had a clip of his new song, “So Beautiful” on the front page.  That excited me.  I played the clip over and over again.  

Today I got the superstars and cannonballs Savage Garden from choi.  Choi is a friend from #manicdepression.  I’ve been watching it most of the day.  I didn’t get out of bed until like 2pm.  I slept a lot.  I took a nap from like 7:30-10pm.  Then I slept from like 4am, on and off, until about 2pm.  I felt exhausted when I finally got out of bed, still feel tired even though it’s now 4:40pm.  Such a lazy day.  I need to send choi a thank you card for this dvd.  It’s really helped me get through the day without cutting myself.  

Well I guess I’ll post this now since it’s taken me so long to write it.  



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