Saturday, September 3, 2005

I hate snot

My nose is running again. I just ate, without any prompting from Harmony or anyone else. I wasn't really hungry but I ate anyway just so Harmony would be happy. I ate a Budget Gourmet Ziti Parmasagna tv dinner with extra cheese.

I really hate snot. I keep blowing my nose but it just fills right back up with yellow, bloody snot. Probably more than you wanted to know, eh?

Kylee and Dillon spent the night last night. They were (esp. Kylee) on my computer forever (read: over three hours). Today I took them to get Dillon a haircut and then took them both home. I love them tons but I wasn't sad to see them go home.

I haven't cut today but I want to. I don't really know why I want to. My legs ache to be sliced. I crave bleeding. I like to watch the blood drip down my leg. It's so calming.

I was stupid and didn't get up yesterday to go to the clinic. They're closed on Monday because of Labor Day so I'll have to talk to Grace on wednesday about getting another appointment, my computer chair, and gas for my car. I hope she's not upset with me. I was supposed to give her back the last gas card but I was sick and missed the day I was going to give it back and then she was off for a week.

Well Harmony is finally done eating so I'm going to go talk to her on the webcam.



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