Thursday, November 15, 2007

The dentist, the school, the house, and the store

Today was a busy day. I had a dentist appointment at 1pm. I was a little late because I had a hard time finding it. Now that I know where it is it's like duh! He fixed my cavity and re-cemented my bridge in. They had this fancy dancy x-ray computer machine thingy. Instead of the flat little x-ray films it was a black plastic thing with a cord and the xrays showed up immediately on the computer screen. After he was done he had me make an appointment for a week from thursday to come in and have a deep cleaning.

After the dentist I went to Citrus College and straightened out my registration problem. I am now enrolled and paid up on my four upcoming classes (Speech 101 in the winter and Library 100 and 101 as well as Bio 104 in the spring).

Then with my nose and upper lip still numb I went to mom's house. I brought with me a few things...Loaned Dillon the Jay Leno autobiography which he's apparently doing a school report on...brought Kylee a copy of Darren's cds, and my mom a copy of Tim McGraw's greatest hits volume 2. I was there for a while, drank up some of their soda then went to the store. As a treat I bought mom some chips and dip, some bananas and Kylee an apple. I bought myself a bunch of groceries too. I went to Stater Bros. I dropped my families stuff off then came home.

Talked to Harmony a short while on the phone while I put my groceries away then she went to watch tv and go to bed. Then when I got my perishables put away I called my mom to let her know I got home safe and such. Then I talked to Jerry,



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