Tuesday, November 6, 2007

dropped the eggs

I went to bed around 5am lastnight/last morning/this morning. I got up late. Missed clubhouse but made it to therapy. Had to do 5 year re-evaluation today/yesterday (monday! this time thing is so confusing to me). Then I had to go to Ralph's grocery store to pick up my ibeprofen perscription. Mom asked me to pick up some eggs for her. I did. When I got to the house they fell out of the bag and made a mess on the floor. I'm so stupid I can't even hold a bag right. I played with the twins. Picked up Kylee from schoool. Ate chicken nuggets, corn on the cob (which is difficult with no front teeth), and french fries. Then I went to class. Was a smart ass in class. He talked about evil. Decorated the room with halloween stuff. then he talked about the next test which we'll have week after next. reviewed a bit for this weeks test. then we took the test. next week there is no class cuz it's veterans day.

it's 4am but I'm not ready for bed. I'm getting stuff done, able to focus and don't want to lose the opportunity to get school work done.

I have to go to the dmv by like 9am tomorrow/today so i wont be there all day. I can't find my drivers license that has not expired so I have to go get a new one. then in the afternoon i have livingwell group.



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