Friday, November 23, 2007

my ear

My left ear keeps clogging up. It hurts. It's hard to hear out of it. I guess I may have an ear infection. If it is still bothering me monday I"ll hopefully have time to call my family doctor and make an appointment. Monday is going to be a long busy day. I have to be at clubhouse at 9:30am. It ends at 11:45am. I have therapy with Dr. Bellman at noon. That ends at 12:50pm. Then at 1pm I have an appointment with my psychatrist, Dr. Policar. After that I have to go to mom's house. Hopefully my new phone will be there. If it's early enough I'll try to go to the mall and ask them to try to transfer the contacts to the new phone. At four pm I have to go to school and talk to Shirley about my missing assignments/labs. Hopefully she'll be in a helpful mood. I'll stay there until I'm caught up or it gets to be seven pm. At seven I have psychology of religion. We're having "Crust and Christ night". We are learning about Christianity and having pizza.

I really like my psychology of religion class...The teacher is funny and interesting. The subject is interesting. Three of the four books are interesting and informative. (The fourth one is over my head). Dawggy and Harmony want to read the books when I am done with them. I hope they enjoy the class work as much as I have.



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