Friday, November 16, 2007

raspberry oatmeal

Today I took two naps. I didn't go to sleep this morning until after 5am. I was going to stay up all night so I would be up for clubhouse but I got tired. Tonight I HAVE to stay up and make it to class. I made it to clubhouse today but just barely. Igot my meds for two weeks today. The clinic is closed next thursday and friday for thanksgiving. I slept a while when I got home and then got up and talked to Harmony and dawggy and then took another nap until like a little after seven pm. i ate ramen for dinner and raspberry oatmeal for dessert.

I'm kinda depresssed tonight. I'm worried about catching up in cataloging. I'm so lost in that class. I can't wait til its over. I hope I pass it. ANd



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