Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 19, and 20

On Wednesday January 19th the Housing Inspector came.  It was a fairly quick inspection.  The inspector was a woman who just seemed to want to get out of here as quickly as possible.  She was come and gone before 11:30am.  I did not do much the rest of the day.  Mom came by after work to move the tv broken outside so the place I found in the Pennysaver would take it.

On Thursday January 20th I spent a good deal of the day waiting for the people who were supposed to come pick up both the tv that was in my livingroom and my mom helped me move outside after she got off work the day before and the tv that is in the shed that does not have a cord.  They came and grabbed the tv that was sitting just outside my front door but were gone before I could say anything to them so they did not take the other tv.  The other tv is sitting just inside the shed and blocks everything else and we can not even manage to make it move an inch.  I called the place again and told the woman they had grabbed the one tv but didn't knock to get the other.  She looked me up and said that it says right in the notes the drivers had that there were two tvs to pick up and they were to knock on the door because one was locked inside a shed.  She put me on the schedule for the following tuesday.  Another day of waiting.  They can show up any time between eight am and six pm.
Also called Foothill Unity to ask for a referall to both an eye doctor and a primary care doctor.  They were not able to give me an eye doctor but I was given the name of a clinic and called them and got an appointment set up.  The eye doctor I went to in the past is still closed for Earthquake retrofitting that keeps getting extended.  I really need some new glasses since mine are broken and I'm getting really bad headaches without them.  I can not actually afford it however.



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