Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 24

On Monday January 24th I had a doctors appointment.  This was the first time I'd been to a doctor in a long time.  I got a referral from Foothill Unity Center to a clinic that just recently opened up.  The clinic was just a few minutes from my home and I didn't have much trouble finding the place at all.  The appointment was at 1pm.  I got there a few minutes early and filled out the packet of papers they gave me.  When I was called in the nurse was nice and did the normal questions, took my blood pressure, attempted to take my temperature (it would not register for some reason) and weighed me.  I think I was 158 lbs if I remember correctly.  It was something around that.
A few minutes later I saw the doctor.  I do not remember her name but she was nice.  A black lady who wore glasses and was friendly and willing to listen to my concerns and take an interest.  She asked questions, asked me to elaborate on some of my answers, examined me, and then sat down across from me and talked to me about what she wanted to do with me.  She thinks that I may have fibromyalgia and told me that what she wants to do is have me get some lab work done and then come back in two weeks and she is probably going to give me a analgesic medication and a topical cream to work together after she's checked the results of the blood work.
I was given the lab work order, a list of where I could go get the tests done, and an appointment slip to come back on February 14.

By the time I got home from the doctor I was very sore because the doctor has poked and prodded at me to find out where my pain was and made the pain flare up in several areas such as my neck, shoulders, wrists, etc.

I went home and called my grandma and mom to let them know what the doctor had said and laid down on the bed and poked around online for a while.  I put some tiger balm stuff I had a sample of on my neck and shoulders in hopes it would help.  The smell of it makes my eyes burn but I think the cream did help a little.  Not sure it's enough to be worth the burning and the smell though but it doesn't matter since I used all of the little tiny sample tube I had.

Monday was also the first time I was to attend the women's study group with my next door neighbor Dinorah at her church.  It started at 7pm.  We went together in her car and it was interesting.
She had given me the book we are using "Loving God with All Your Mind Interactive Workbook" by Elizabeth George a week and a half or so before hand and told me what part we were supposed to do so I had done the assignment.  I had not gone to the first meeting of the group because she had not told me about it until that evening it was on and I had not felt up to getting dressed and going out and trying to find her at that church I'd never been to on the evening she'd called.
At 7pm a large group of women gathered in the big room and had a small worship service, standing and praying and singing hymns together on the large screen with 3 women on stage (one on drum, one on piano and one singing) and then they had anyone who had not been there the previous meeting (two weeks before) stand up.  There were several of us.  They then had anyone who did not know which group they were in remain standing.  Dinorah had made sure I was in the same group as she was so I knew and got to sit down. They then went through each person who was still standing and found them on the lists and told them which group they would be with.  Then they told us where each group was meeting and told us what time we needed to return to the large room.  I believe it was at 8:25 we were supposed to return.
Our group was meeting in the room normally used for the babies and smallest of the children.  It was very cramped in there.  Chairs were lined up all along each of the four walls and we filled every chair.  We started with a quick little introduction game thing.  The leader of our group went around and paired us off and gave us a couple questions to ask our partner such as name, how long they had been attending that church, if they were married or single, and what the Lord had done for them lately.  Fortunately me and Dinorah, having made sure to sit together even tho our assigned seats were not together got to ask each other.  After a couple minutes they then went around the room and had each person introduce their "new friend" to the group and sharing what they learned from those questions they had just asked.  Dinorah has been going to that church for like 2 years or so and what she said God has done for her lately was they had just found out earlier that day that her oldest son who is in the marines got stationed where they wanted, NOT in Afghanistan.  I said that God had helped me find a doctor and that I had finally finished reading the 3 year reading plan I was following in my Student Bible (which I started eleven years ago).
Once that was done we then went through the assignment quickly since there was not much time.  there are 4 sections to each of the assignments.  We did not go over every questions but did do several.  A lot of the answers are pretty personal and no one was forced to share if they did not want to.  I did participate as much as I could.  And since I had written down all of the verses we were asked about in the questions and had it readily available and not have to search I was asked to read one of the longer ones that the leader wanted to really make sure we all heard.  The frustrating part was that just during that short reading some one came in and interrupted us twice while looking for her group.  Oh well.
We were like the last group to get back into the main room but it was not an issue as there was a couple minutes to get everyone settled back into seats and quiet down.  We then did a bit more praying and they made sure everyone understood that you are supposed to read all four parts of the session for each time we meet.  They did a couple more announcements, and made sure everyone had the calanders that were supposed to be inside the books, but not all of them had them, including ours which show which days we are meeting and what the assignments are for each of the meeting times.  We then watched the dvd that goes with the section of the book we'll be working on for the next time we meet.  The next section is on worry.
The dvd is the author talking to a group of women.  I find the woman kind of annoying to watch.  She has an annoying laugh and bobbles her head.  Some people are just more interesting in their written word than when they speak.
When the group was over there were some snacks but we headed out and went through the drive thru of Taco Bell/Pizza Hut on our way home where she picked up food for her and her husband Chuck and I splurged because my stomach was growling and bought myself a cheese pizza meal.

I was a long tiring day in a sure to be long and tiring week.



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