Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 25, 26

On Tuesday January 25 I was up all day.  I had a "some time between 8am and 6pm" appointment for the useless tv in the shed to be picked up.  It was just before eleven am when the guy came.  I gave him a bottle of water and a rice crispy treat while he was here.
My mom had called and said she was cleaning out the shed and had a bunch of stuff of mine she wanted me to take home.  So once the tv was picked up I made my grocery list and the list of things I wanted to print.  Dinorah texted me as I was getting ready and asked if I could watch Sparky for a few minutes right then.  I said okay but let her know I was planning to leave within an hour or so to go do errands.  She just needed the little dog out of the way long enough to talk to her landlord about some problems they were having with part of the tile floor and a wall or something.  I let Sparky run around in my little yard.  When she was done I talked to her for a few minutes and then headed out.  I went to the library and printed the schedule for this coming weekend's Micechat 6th Anniversary mega-meet and whatever else.
Then I headed over to my family's house.  The twins were still at school when I got there.  Mom's car was at the mechanic. Dillon helped me fill my trunk and half of my back seat with the boxes of stuff that belonged to me from the shed.  Dillon was sent to pick up the kids from school and I took mom down to the mechanic to pick up her car so she could take it somewhere else later in the week for a second opinion. She's taken her car in several times for smoking engine and they kept telling her they could not find anything wrong.  Now her engine is shot and they want to charge her over four thousand dollars to fix it.
 I went back to their house and spent a while longer before going to the store.  Mom needed several things so she decided to send Dillon.  We went in separate cars but shopped mostly together.  I spent $90 on groceries and Dillon got the milk and soda and odds and ends that mom had on the list.  From there he went on to pick up Little Ceaser's and I went on home.

When I got home I called the automated appointment thing for the lab and made an appointment for 1:50pm the next day at the one that is very close to my family's house.  I sat alarms to make sure I got up.  I managed to get up on the twenty sixth in time and got to the appointment on time, though just barely but that was due to road work slowing me down.  The appointment did not take very long at all.  The girl was able to get blood on the first stick with no problems.  I went to my family's house from there and got there before the twins were even home from school.  Mom was gone when I got there to pick them up.   They get out of school at 2:04pm each day.
I spent the rest of the day over there.  I helped the kids with their homework and mom fed us all KFC.  I do not care much for their chicken but was hungry so did eat one piece and tried the chocolate cake.  It was after nine pm when I finally got home.  Mom was trying to get the kids to bed when I left.  I could not help but laugh when mom was reading them a bedtime story and heard her snap "Hannah if you lick my face one more time!!....."  Both of the twins were wound up and aggravating and as she was trying to read them the book Hannah was laying in moms bed with her and kept leaning in and licking mom's face just to aggravate her.
Not long after I got home Dinorah and her husband knocked on my door.  I had asked them a few days ago if they could help me change my porch light bulb again some time before the weekend since I will be coming home late both nights.  She had remembered so came to do it.  unfortunatly the old bulb slipped from his hand while he was switching them and shattered all over the door step.  Dinorah asked me for a broom and swept it up for me quicker than I could go grab some shoes and pull them on.  It's great to have such wonderful neighbors.



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