Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27

Today is my sister's birthday.  Kylee is 22 years old now.  I talked to her via text messages early in the day to wish her a happy birthday.  She had plans to go out with a group of friends after class and another group later in the evening.
Other than that is has been a pretty usual day.  Nothing happening.  Very little accomplished.
As I write this there are only one day, eleven hours and 45 minutes until I will be having breakfast with the Disney Legend, Jack Lindquist at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney as the start of a very busy weekend at the Disneyland resort celebrating the Micechat 6th anniversary.  I need to spend tonight and all tomorrow getting laundry done and everything and myself ready and getting something figured out to get Dillon to the breakfast and then able to get back home.  Since mom's engine is shot she's taken over the car that is normally just used by Dillon.
It has been a really exhausting busy week and so I need to rest as much as I can on top of getting myself and my home and my belongings ready to drive back and forth to Anaheim two days in a row, spending the entire days from park opening to closing running around playing games with a few hundred other disney fanatics.



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