Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3

I meant to go to the library today but when the alarm went off early in the day it was raining and I was freezing and still had a headache.  The library parking lot always floods when it rains and I just simply did not want to deal with the water so I decided to pay the fee for returning the book one day late.  I will be going tomorrow and then plan to go to Kohls afterwards and if Danielle is not busy she will come with me.  The pajama bottoms they got me for Christmas are a size Large and I can wear them but they do crawl down my butt so I want to go see if I can exchange them for a size Extra Large.
I should go make some punch and wash the dishes or something.  I'm so lazy.  The migraine is not as bad tonight as it was late last night but it is still very bothersome.



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