Friday, May 26, 2006

Writing cuz I promised to...

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Today I met with Grace and Kelly at Denny's. They made me write and sign a safety contract that said I would try to write and try calling Grace before I give into cutting. So here I am, writing. I don't really know what to say. I feel frustrated because no matter how much I clean and organize my room will still be imperfect, not good enough.

David won't shut up. He's one of the inside people. He's scaring Elly. I hate when Elly cries. He wants me to die, but he quiets down if I SI.

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I've got headphones on with music playing loudly. That sometimes helps. My back hurts and I've got a slight headache. Not bad enough to resort to vicodin but I think I'll take an ibeprofin for my back....

Ok 800mg of ibeprofin go down the hole.

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Hmmm, well I've tried blogging now...I can't find the write-up I was working on for e2 and that's really pissing me off. What do I do now? Call Grace? I don't want to wake her up. It's after 11pm...but maybe I'll call anyway.



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