Sunday, June 6, 2004

100th post....

After Karaoke I took a nap that ended up being much longer than planned because my computer shut itself off just before Sandye was going to Instant Message us a bunch to take me up. Using the mIRC logs as reference...

I logged into mIRC and at 5:08am asked if either of them, (Harmony and Dawggy) were there. Sandye was and I spoke to her for several minutes then ran off to go potty and get something to drink. She had been up all night, having had an evening nap.

[05:25] 1. circadian
[05:30] 2. purple journal
[05:40] 3. music
[05:47] 4. metanode
[05:53] 5. bed
[05:55] 6. gmail
[06:02] 7. E2Vote/Search
[06:05] 8. me
[06:16] 9. yahoomail
[06:19] 10. /msgs
[06:22] 11. blog



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