Sunday, June 13, 2004

In a little while I have to take Kylee and Dillon home to get money.
Then to Marcie's house whre the four of us are going to walk to the
I'm dreading it. I'm exhausted today. And the sun is so hot and bright.

Marcie has free ride ticket thingys. We would have left already
except mom wants us to wait until the babies wake from their nap. She
said they were overly tired and she finally got them to sleep, in the
swing, in front of the front door. So she's going to call us when
they wake up then we'll go over there. Drop the kids stuff off from
spending the night here, get like $20, and go park the car at marcie's
house and walk down to the church where the carnival is.

I have sunblock on. My eyes are burning. I'm still sitting in my
bedroom floor. When I finally get home I'll go back to my list. I
don't want to go to this carnival but I have not really been given a
choice. If I don't take the kids I'll have to hear about it for like

Hmmmm anything else? Well I got more music today. A bunch of
randomish songs. Most are good, a few are trashed. Not many got
trashed though.
Mmmmmmmkkaaaay I'll shush for now...



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