Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Not feeling well again...

My tummy hurts and I'm nausous. A little bit of my tea came back this morning but my dinner of popcorn mostly stayed down. I thought I was over this stomach thing. Don't know what is causing it.

Earlier this morning I got one of those blinding headaches. It has faded back to a dull ache. It was shortly after the headache became blinding that the nausea returned.

I took a shower this morning. Started to panic in the shower. The water is sometimes too much. Too heavy. I don't panic as much in the shower as I used to. The shower cd player I got last Christmas helps. Conversations I've had with Samuel help too if I focus on them right.

I made Orville Redenbacher (I'm too lazy to go check how that's supposed to be spelled) Honey Butter popcorn for dinner early this morning I guess it was. It made the house smell good.

Sometime over the last few days I must have at some point had a fever. Everytime my body temperature rises I end up getting a fever blister on my mouth. And my lips are chapped and cracked. I have been putting Chapstick on them and have even put neosporin on them. Grandma thinks neosporin ointment is a cure all.

On, ummm, Thursday, whenever it was I had that dentist appointment....I dropped two postcards in the mail. One to Harmony and Dawggy, and another to Samuel. Harmony and Dawggy got theirs I guess yesterday (time makes no sense to me). Samuel just went to the mailbox while I was writing this.

(08:01:49) sam rol ken: :-D You have messy handwriting. :)

Hmmm, is it just me or is this post getting really long?

I better go do whatever is next on the list now. buh-bye for now.


Harmony said...

(((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))
Love you. Sandye


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