Friday, June 11, 2004

Today's list and loneliness

Harmony and Dawggy left for the weekend. They are going to pick up her son. He is spending the summer with them. She's excited and scared.

E2/not computer/computer

1. E2vote/search
2. Purple Journal
3. music
4. node from info from drawer
5. floor
6. ED Article
7. /msgs
8. Bed
9. Gmail
10. Psych nodes
11. Me
12. blog
13. Star Trek Nodes
14. magazines
15. yahoomail
16. ?

Samuel has been so depressed and isolating himself lately. I'm worried about him. Unfortanatly I've been quite a mess most of the time myself. Crying and not knowing why. Not able to think. Everything gets on my nerves. Just a total bitch. That's probably why he keeps pulling further and further away. I wish I could make him feel better.



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