Sunday, June 20, 2004


Don't feel good today at all.

Kylee and Dillon spent the night last night. When mom brought them over I got to play with the babies abit and kylee and dillon each had a turn screwing up my computer.

I hadn't really been feel all that well but Marcie talked me into going to Kareoke. (it didn't take too much. I wanted out of the house.)

Karaoke was a lot of fun. We called Harmony and Dawggy several times and let them hear us sing. Tried calling Sam too but he was just too sleepy. Danielle, John, Emma, Sergio, and Roger all showed up. That was fun. Charles did NOT show up! W00t!!!!!

When I got home I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Then threw up a few more times. It was gross. I felt like crap. I hadn't really been feeling well before that. I didn't drink much. I had 3 Shirley Temples (cherry 7-up), two bahamamamas, and a cheese quisidilla.

A few hours later I was finally able to talk to sam via AIM. I had ranted and raved to his idle IM. When he came on he explained why he didnt answer the phone when I called him from the car on the way home even though he told me to call. I felt really bad for calling him an asshole. I didnt mean it. Even right when I said it the next thing out of my mouth was "He's not really an ass he's just not feeling well."

I was supposed to take Kylee to the movies today but she didnt get mad when I told her I didn't feel up to it today. Thankfully. Maybe I'll take her tommorow. Just have to wait and see if I feel better.

Mom was here for a couple hours with the babies to take the kids home. The babies are so much fun. They're crawling and pulling them selves to standing now. They're 10 months old. They were never allowed on the floor until recently so they are just getting started on this crawling stuff.



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