Saturday, June 19, 2004

Harmony and Dawggy are bloggers!

Mkay Looky!

We all remember Sam. He moved his blog and has actually posted a couple times recently. He's the one that got me to start this blog. hehe.

Now Harmony has one.

Then of course Dawggy jumped on the blogging bandwagon. hehe.



Harmony said...

Bleu, I'm sooooo glad we finally got you back online. I missed you so much yesterday. Today you must be sleeping. Sorry I couldn't talk very long last night, I was totally exhausted. Hope your day is better today. Luv Ya!

gonezpluphang said...

HI SBF :) I enjoy the blogs that I have read so far. Sorry to hear about your crazy computer and glad that Sam and Dawggy can help. As always all the BEST



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