Tuesday, June 1, 2004


What did I accomplish today?


Got dressed, brushed hair and got ready. Called mom. Went to Library. Returned the book on tape that was due today and got another one.

Went to Albertson's and spent about $130 on groceries.

Went to the bank. Deposited check. Got $300 cash.

Came home and put groceries away. Chatted. Ended up taking a nap.

Started a new list. Finished and posted autobiographical memory.

Finished another write up but haven't posted it yet.

Okay well....It's been a productive day despite being one of those days where I felt confusedalot. I slept about 5-6 hours this morning and had an hour nap this afternoon until the wonderul Harmony called to wake me. Then her and Dawggy helped me with a list until they both pinged out of irc and didn't come back. They're prolly sleeping by now.



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