Saturday, June 12, 2004

Got lost

Yet again I had one of my not so good days and got confused and accomplished nothing.

Samuel is sleeping. Harmony and Dawggy are out of town. Missy left to go camping. Am logged into #bipolarworld because thats what they all seem to want but I don't really feel safe talking there so I turned off the blinking and just wait to be kicked. If someone says my name highlighting in mIRC will let me know and I'll go answer.

Going through all my music. Screw that spreadsheet. Whatever. Depressed. Anxious. Lonely. Started my period today. So that ain't helping.

I'm pretty sure it is Saturday. It's 1:22pm now. If Marcie, or John, or Danielle calls I'll go to karaoke. If they don't call I won't call them today. I'll only go if I am told to go today. Just don't have enough motivation to go on my own. If I knew Charles wasn't going to be there I might actually look forward to going but he makes the entire night an aggravation. I just cannot stand him.

I'm on the floor still. Haven't even sat, let alone slept on the bed in several days. Cannot bring myself to get back up there. It's uncomfortable and scary.



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