Tuesday, July 20, 2004

And then she cried...

I spent most of the day in fitful bouts of sleep. When I was awake I was hot and in a terrible mood. I finally logged back on tonight, and found an email from Harmony. They had gotten on a computer at the hotel but I was too busy having a tantrum so I wasn't logged on. I had a message from Dawggy on e2 as well as an ICQ page. I wasn't going to call them at the hotel but all three messages said they would be up late and it was okay to call so I did. I didn't let them know how upset I really was, I think I hid it well. They both talked to me and when she realized I hadn't eaten she told me to go make something and she'd stay on the phone while I fixed it and ate it so that I didn't have to think about eating it. I told her I'd just eat tommorow but she said to eat now that she could stay up and talk to me that much longer. So I made bagel pizza bites. I ate them. The conversation was a nice one, as it always is with them. I got to talk to both of them. They said they'll be home tommorow evening around six pm or so I think that's six pm there time which is four pm my time. I'll be glad when they are. They seem to be having a fun trip and I've very glad. They're both obsessed with e2 now which makes me laugh. Every bit of information they come across is "That could be a write up!" I'm like that too. Speaking of writeups...I'm determined to get one done by the time they get back tommorow. I have 264 now and that bugs me. Have to have 5's and 0's. So one more must be completed ASAP. Harmony has the goal of reaching level 2 by her birthday. This means writing two a day but I know she can do anything she puts her mind too.
I'm working on several writeups and am not sure which one I'm going to really get focused on and finish tonight. Maybe I can do six instead of just one since I slept like all day I prolly won't need another nap til it gets super hot again. I've been having a really hard time focusing and remembering what I am doing. I have dozens of things I want to do but no focus and no patience. I took ibeprofin while on the phone with Harmony. While I was eating. Which was not long before writing this.

Current Music: Matchbox Twenty - 3am (piano acoustic version)
Current Mood: Lonely


Harmony said...

Hope you aren't feeling so lonely anymore. Good luck getting those w/ups done. I have one typed up already just have to soft and hard link it. So one more today should be easy to do. I'm soooooooo glad you called last night. It was great talking to you on the phone and I'm glad I could help you get something to eat. Gonna go take a nap now as we didn't get much sleep last night. Love you......Sandye


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