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Who is skybluefusion? Where the hell did she come from? Level 4 and I've never seen them before!? How is this possible?


Well let's start with explaining what this means.

skybluefusion~My given name is derived from Jennifer which derives from Guinevere which derives from gwen which means white, fair and hwyfar, which means smooth. Blue has become my name as a converging person. sky blue is a mixture of blue and white. Fusion comes from confusion, for I have s pent much of my life in a state of confusion. It has a double meaning though, the other being fusion of selves into a functional being.

I am working toward many changes in my life, and getting away from _is_sad is an important step for me. I hope I have not caused any confusion for anyone. I am grateful to everyone who has supported me as bluebird_is_sad and beyond. I am extremely grateful to those who helped make this change happen.

April 20, 2004






It's such a hard life in most of the time
I'm just surviving
That's why I want you to know
In the world where sincerity has lost its meaning
You fill my world with so much hope

Darren Hayes, "I Miss You"


I get so tired of working so hard for my survival
I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive
-Peter Gabriel, "In Your Eyes"


Email me: skybluefusion at Gmail dot com


I like to help newbies! So if you are new or know of someone who is new I want to help! Confusedalot's homenode is full of goodies we should all keep up with. Check out wertperch's homenode and scroll down to all his newbie goodies. They are all excellent! If anyone knows other helpful lists, let me or confusedalot know. Thanks!

"Forgetful? I don't remember being forgetful..."

My mommy say's I'm special. (Of course she did say that right after I ran into a tree so I'm not sure if "special" is a good thing or not.)

All kidding aside:

I'm a 23 year old female from Southern California. Well I should say my birthday is April 3, 1981, because I am not very good at keeping my homenode updated. I am taking classes through my local community college. I use Everything2 as a study tool. Adding my new found knowledge as I go.

"Forgetful? I don't remember being forgetful..."

email: OR
AIM: Confusedalotly
Also can be found as: Citrus Bluebird (This usually means I am logged on from a campus lab or have both on, one through gaim and the other to trade files
MSN: YAHOO: sgrulesme
ICQ: 118096988


Meet my new pets: bobisamerikan, Kit and unnoficially Radar
Anyone else want to be my little projects? :P


I will do votetags/node audits. Anyone. I tend to do them anyways, unsolicited, of people who catch my eye. If you want every single one of your write-ups read by me, let me know. It might take me a while but I'll read them all and offer any and all feedback I can. =) Anyone, newbie to god. Don't matter to me.



Every night I imagine touching your face,
but nothing is there except empty space.
My dreams are filled
with visions of eternal bliss,
sealed by your tender and heavenly kiss.
I awake from my dreams,
yearning to hold you near,
searching but not finding
bringing me to tears.
I lie there thinking about how you showed me love,
making me wonder if you were
sent from heaven above.
I fall asleep knowing that
you are in my mind and my heart,
for love is eternal
and we will never be apart

-Anndria Turner

I am currently trying to improve my older writeups.
! @
Quote of the day...or maybe week...or until I get around to typing another one:
"Never mistake motion for action." - Ernest Hemingway
Just when I was getting used to yesterday, along came today. "...let's add a few more marks on your road map of insanity"

The things people have said:
So many more have said things that's touched me, though they are not all listed here, and I thank you all:

wertperch says *HUGS*

ac_hyper says I'm flattered that you seem to be spending so much time reading stuff by little ol' me. :)

Fraun says re October 8, 2003: There is absolutely nothing I can really say, except; Hey. I'm here. I'm listening. I'm so sorry I can't do more.

wertperch says Well you *sound* more chipper - from your nodes. All I can say is keep going, be good at college =)

ac_hyper says Well you seem like a lovely person with a lot of positive things to add to the world. I am pleased to see this side of you. There is a nice personality under all that depression.

NightShadow says re February 3, 2004: Life sucking is not a permanent thing. It's like a roller-coasert: good and bad at times. Do not EVER wish death upon yourself if you are unhappy with the quality of your life over such trivial things. Death is a gift for having life, a reward. Be healthy, alive- or you are most assuredly dead already.

wertperch says re February 26, 2004 : This sounds quite upbeat! You might also mention that you're a mentor now, that's some acheivement and recognition!

anonymous says thanks ever so much! you're the only person here who has actually complimented my writeups. :-)

WHAT?!?! We, as Everythingians need to give more positive feedback!
TheDeadGuy says Sometimes I get this urge to ask you "are you okay?" Sometimes your homenode scares me a little. If you ever need an ear, let me know. Not that I'm willing to cut my ear off or anything, that would be insane.

wertperch says That happens to me - I see things in Random node, and go "I read this"..."I *wrote* this!"

ac_hyper says I'm sorry you've had a bad day, but always remember that there are people on E2 who care about you and want the best for you. :)

hamster bong says i think your step dad needs a good crack on the noggin'. i think you are lovely, don't ever leave (no matter what anyone tells you). perhaps some day you will learn to fly and you'll find the sun again. *hugs*

siouxsie says Hey! I came by earlier and dumped all of my votes into my favorites of your nodes. It was all the love I have to go around today. (grin) I hope your piano thing went well. I saw that you got some sleep. It sounded like a good night. ((HUG))

Lencil says whooo yes you doth equal much thankiness I mean, yes, wheee(mind me not) wheeeeeeee yay!

Andrew Aguecheek says and of cocurse I'm addicted to this place, who isn't?!

wertperch says Heehee, see you're reading about cat/toast arrays Good morning, just woke up after nodermeet and need coffee more than ever *hug*

A friend says In general, you sound better than you used to (judging from daylogs and usergroup messages). I know you don't really know me, but I've felt really bad for you since I discovered your writings. You just sounded so unreachably miserable. I've had numerous depressed and suicidal friends and family members, and the worst feeling is knowing that talking and listening will not solve brain chemistry issues. I have a tendency to want to fix people and make all their sadness go away. But I can't. All I can offer is listening, and who knows if it even does any good? Something from your daylog did strike me: the idea of "denying" your feelings of depression. This is not necessarily a bad thing! In a sense, depression can be thought of as a habit. Cycles of negative thought are very difficult to break, and sometimes even when your brain is chemically able to be happy, on a cognitive level you are so used to thinking the sad way that NOT allowing those familiar patterns to repeat feels wrong somehow. It's not wrong, it's just disconcerting. Anything you can do to break old thought habits will help you.

drownzsurf says Thank you for considering me as a help on your homenode. That is a highlight of my E2 career, because I sense its genuine quality from the heart, nothing to do with C!'s or votes or wu's but reality

ac_hyper says Thanks for the typo alert, and for reading my stuff!

arieh says one of E2's dirty secrets; votes only reset when you visit a superdoc (like the front page). Otherwise, you can keep spending yesterday's


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I am working on organizing these....slowly...

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