Sunday, July 18, 2004

Now on with the list.....
9. Jay Leno Book
A while back, several months ago, I found "Leading with My Chin" which is Jay Leno's autobiography sitting on the discard shelf at my local library. I snatched it up so fast. He's a very funny man. It sat in my car for months until grandma came across it and brought it in. I recently started reading it, and am enjoying it. I have been taking notes on the book, and when I finish the book I will probably turn these notes into a node about Jay Leno. I've just barely got to the second chapter, because I read only a little at a time, just enough to get one or two things to add to my notes. So it will be quite some time before I finish this book.
10. Family
This was put on the list in order to get things like making the invite for my sibling's first birthday part finished and such, though my mom decided after asking me to design it to do it herself. I have come to think of Harmony, Dawggy, and even their son as family now too though. They are not biologically related to me in anyway, are not even related by mariage, but Dawggy is my very protective big brother, and Harmony my big sister. They love me very much and have made me as much a part of their lives as possible for someone who is so far away. Harmony's birthday is coming up soon. I bought her a keyboard on ebay and hope to hear her play it for me over the phone soon. I have yet to send her a birthday card though, I need to go look and see if I still have one that I think I have....if not I need to write myself a note and go get her one, or make her one...but my printer is not working correctly.
11. Psych nodes
I finished contact comfort recently. I have yet to find another one to do. I have been going through the index of last semester's Psychology book and when I find something interesting I search e2 to see what's already written on the topic. If I have information that isn't on there I use my two psychology textbooks and often do a google search or use the resources that the college subscribes to. Currently I am going through the index, in between talking chatting. My chest hurts. I am not in a very good mood and would honestly rather him just go away for right now, but he is a friend and he seems to need someone to talk to right now. I really think I took two Lortab's instead of just one cuz I'm reaaally feeling it. hehehe. What was I saying oh damn he just typed a whole paragraph....Oh's funny when I search terms on e2 to see if it would be a good thing to write and as I read what's there I realize not only have I seen it before but I was the one who wrote the writeup! lol.I'm working so hard to be in a decent mood, to not let the inside people get to me, to not let the world get to me. Everything is getting on my nerves right now....I think I have found a node to do. I cannot find anytthing on e2 about it. And there are two pages of it in this psych book. "Contextual intelligence". grrr the damn blinking of the mIRC window is annoying me...He isn't doing anything wrong, I'm just in one of those moods where everything annoys me, but I've got enough hydrocodone in my system that I'm not in much pain so I should be in a pretty good mood. And I had a long nap this afternoon so I shouldn't be sleepy. What was I doing?
*scrolls up again*
12. ShelvesI have a book shelf, with 6 shelves including the very top. Most of it is just piled with random stuff I need to go through. They are a total mess with the lower two selves toppeling things to the floor becuase things are just thrown onto them. the very top shelf has a barbie car for some reason. Grandma put it there. There are a couple other things up there too. I went through one of the piles of books and found The Student Bible and put it on the floor so that next time I had a "read" item to the list I will put it on there. It has been a long time since I have read any of the bible. I have been following a reading plan that is outlined in this bible for a long time but havn'et been keeping up with it.Grrrr the blinking is pissing me off. I just don't feel like talking to anyone, but I can't bring myself to say leave me alone. *sigh* I'm just being a bitch, but I'm not letting him know it because he's a friend and I dont want to upset him.
*scrolls up yet again to see where I was*
13. Gmail
I get a lot of junk mail and surveys and stuff, so much so I now have another email account for them. grrrr why is that flashing bothering me so much?! I so want to just shut the damn thing off or let David win and tell him to STFU and then go cut. I keep thinking about what was said to Dawggy earlier. David. It makes me cry thinking about how mean David was to a person I love. NO ONE HURTS MY FAMILY! It hurts so much to know that I (in some sense of the word) was the one that hurt him. really hard to focus nowgrrrr and granamd ais up need to focus need to not cut to do it too



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