Thursday, July 15, 2004

Blogger upgraded?

I came to post right now and it appears that blogger has upgraded or something.  The compose area is slightly different and now includes a Edit HTML tab.  Interesting. 
I don't tend to bother with much coding here.  They have changed it now to be more of a WYSIWYG type of formatting than before.  Whatever. 

Ooooh and they seem to have added the ability to upload right onto blogger instead of using an img tag from another server.  Have yet to try this though.
Dawggy posted a node on e2!  AND it's doing GREAT!  Harmony put up her sixth node and I also got one done today.  All three of us are listed in the NEWEST WRITEUPS list at the same time!  Is that awesome or what?!  I'm very proud of both of them. 




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