Thursday, July 15, 2004

In the
Difficult Times,
Keep Believing in Yourself

There are times in life
when things are not perfect,
when problems seem to surround you.
As you look for a way through them,
it's important to keep
a positive attitude about your life
and where you are going.
You may wonder if you're making
the right choices.
You may wonder about how things
will turn out
if you take a different road.
But you are a strong
and motivated individual
who will rise to meet
the challenges that face you.
You are a loving and warm person
who loves life,
and you will get through
the difficult times.

-Beverly A. Chisley

I slept a very long time. I woke up many times but my head was hurting too much to bother with the computer. It was around three am when I layed down to sleep. It was around nine am when I got back on the computer. I've been sneezing all morning and I hurt all over. I know I should be heading toward the doctor, but I'm hoping grandma goes back to bed. I do not want to try to get ready and get out the door with her sitting in the living room. I'm anxious enough about having to talk to a doctor, having to explain to grandma where I am going and why first will just frazzle me more. I've been through this before. I have to be left alone by her and mom and anyone else that will make me feel aweful when I am already this anxious. If she goes to sleep soon I'll get ready and go. My heart beats faster and I feel shaky at the thought. I know I need to do this but I'm terrified.



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