Sunday, July 18, 2004

Now I'm wet and tired. Standing so long and having my hands up to wash my hair takes a lot out of me, so does the anxiety. The sun is coming up.
6. E2 lyrical nodes
Break me shake me.
7. Bed
I willl try to get the small stack of old magazines that is on the bed into that cabinet under the tv.
8. Blog
We've gotten full circle again. Dawggy just woke up. He's not feeling well. I wish I could do something for him. He does so much for me every day. I sent him an e-card. But I wish I could actually do something to help.
9. Jay Leno Book
10. Family
I found Harmony a birthday card, I'm gonna sign it and get it ready to be mailed.
11. Psych nodes
Start on "Componential intelligence"
12. Shelves
13. Gmail
14. Poetry book
When You Need Some Helpto Get Through the Day...
When nothing is going right.
When you're wondering, "What did I do to deserve this?"
When the day is a disaster,
and a little serenity is just what you're after.
When you need a whole lot less to concern you,
and a whole lot more to smile about.
When a few peaceful hours would seem like a vacation to you,
and you're wondering if there's anything you've got to look forward to...
Sometimes you just have to remember:
It really is going to be okay.
You're going to make it through this day.
Even if it's one step at a time.
Sometimes you just have to be patient and brave and strong.
If you don't know how, just make it up as you go along.
And hold on to your hope as though it were a path to follow or a song you love to sing.
Because if you have hope, you have everything.
-Collin McCarty
15. PS2
16. Theatre Nodes
I don't think I can actually do a good writeup on Winch. I possibly could do "wig"
17. Boxes
18. Dayplanner thingy
19. Student bible
Now 20 should be an "other" so we'll say magazinesI'm gonna try to sleep a bit now. Getting more and more mixed up. Difficult to focus.


Anonymous said...

Hiya SBF:)

Sounds like ur list was busy last night. Have a great day . . . all the BEST



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