Saturday, July 17, 2004

Hannah has been sick last few days.  Had "the poopies" and not eating, sores in her mouth and such.  So mom took both babies to the doc today.  As of today Daniel weighs 24 lbs 3 ounces and is 30 inches tall;  Hannah:   19lbs 13 ounces  and is  29 and 3/4 inches.   They're going to be a year old on August 7th.  Mom made the invite using PrintMaster Gold then brought it to me to fix and print.  She then took it to Kinko's (I think) to have many copies made.  The invites are cute.  I probably won't be allowed to go to the party though, because I will NOT colour my hair and my tooth probably won't be fixed good enough  and I won't wear good enough clothes, and I'll say something wrong.  I missed the babies baptism.  I wanted to go but was not allowed.  I always feel so aweful.
Kylee and Dillon are spending the night tonight because someone is coming to their house in the morning to measure the rooms for the blueprint thingy so they have have an addition built onto the house.  I have a dentist appointment at 10:30am.  What a sucky day it's going to be.  Gawd, I'd rather sleep, nightmares and all, than go to the dentist. 
I feel really fat, I stood on the scale, as I do just about every time I go into the kitchen.  I've gained SIX pounds!  Just since like yesterday or so!  Today I ate like a pig.  I was home alone, hot.  I ate a bowl of Peanut butter cup ice cream.  Then grandma made spagetti.  Had a large plate of that.  Then grandma had bought stuff for strawberry shortcakes.  I felt so icky and fat I through half my strawberry shortcake away.  :'( 
Dawggy posted another writeup.  Harmony's finishing one now.  If they don't knock this off their gonna have XP's higher than mine! LOL. 
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