Thursday, July 1, 2004

Sleepy and productive, odd combo

I'm feeling a bit sleepy. I'm being productive though. Several nodes were written this morning. Following a list now, with Harmony's help.

The dog went home! w00t. Benny had spent a few days over here while my mother, step-father, and four siblings took a holiday to San Diego.

My blogskin is slowly getting better, and I'm slowly learning how to design them. Dawggy helps me with computer stuff, including coding a lot. Right now I've got files transfering to his computer. He's holding them for me so I can get my computer fixed without losing all my files. All that's left is the rest of the music. Everything else but a couple of documents I can email myself are uploaded to various spots on the net. Mostly email. Also Kevin (wertperch) loaned me some space on his server. I'm lucky I have such good and helpful friends.



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